Afterpay is here! Hoorayy! 

To enjoy this amazing feature and use towards your cosmetic tattooing, please follow this easy steps BEFORE coming in for your appointment:

  • Download the app on your phone and follow the prompts:

  • Make sure you upload all the information they need.

  • Your approved spending limit with Afterpay will depend on their assessment of your ability to make repayments on your short instalment plan.  This will largely be determined by your repayment history.For those who have only recently joined Afterpay, spending limits will generally be smaller. So please check how much credit you will be given before coming into your appointment.

  • When you finalize everything, you will be able to see how much credit you have available. You can't make any payments to me just yet, the payment will be made in store. 

  • This process is nice and easy shouldn't take more than 10 minutes, however we know technology and internet  can be tricky sometimes, so I do request that you do this before hand making it easier for everyone.

  • When choosing to pay with Afterpay, you will have interest free instalments, however a 6% surcharge will be applied.