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BB GLOW - The promising but dangerous new beauty trend

The world of skincare seems to be changing daily with many new trends, treatments and products that promise to take years off your face creating a youthful, dewy glow skin. While many of these treatments are worth the investment, there is a new trend that has been making headlines that promises the world, but its results are anything but.

BB Glow sounds like it could be a substitute for the fountain of youth as it a list of benefits claim to be flawless, youthful skin by reducing fine lines, acne scars, blemishes, pigmentation and many more common cosmetic issues, sounds like a dream right? But let's dig into it.

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So what is BB Glow?

BB glow is a cosmetic procedure that originally came from Korea and can be also called as semi-permanent makeup for skin, it's a treatment where a skin needle (dermapen) with pigments are implanted into your skin promising to give your face a dewy glow similar to applying BB cream.

Why is BB Glow dangerous?

Then you ask me, you are also a cosmetic tattooist, why can't you advocate for BB glow?

This is a highly new treatment being disseminated across countries, no studies or not long term results has been shown on this treatment, everything seems harmless and great straight away, but the truth is, no one really knows how this going to turn out in 5 years. Also, the number of products implanted into your skin, BB glow can have up to 40 ingredients, but not only that, many of those ingredients are non-degradable substances that will accumulate over time and trigger an immune response.

"The quantity of non-degradable material deposited over an entire face (every few months) is also significantly more than, for example, brows or eyeliner. Furthermore, the number of ingredients used for brows or lips tends to be in the single digits, as opposed to 40-plus ingredients in some BB Creams."

Red Flags

Even scarier, I have seen many advertisements saying that BB Glow is 100% Natural and safe so here are some of the ingredients found in BB glows bottles:

Titanium Dioxide(CI 77891), Dimethicone, Yellow Oxide Of Iron(CI 77492, Methyl Paraben, Fragrance, Red Oxide of Iron, EGF.

Something that no ones also tells you, is the amount of Titanium Dioxide (White pigment) found in BBGlows, this type of pigment cannot be removed with a Q-switch laser. The QS laser will "burn" the withe pigment turning it irreversibly dark instead of removing it, also you will not be able to perform any cosmetic laser treatments or IPL on your face, which will cause burns due to the pigments deposited on your face.

Final thoughts

We have endless skin treatments for all sorts of issues, Dermatologists and Dermo therapists can do wonders for your skin concerns. Usually, your skin will tell you when there is something wrong, if there are inflammation and irritation means the skin barrier is compromised and already not functioning as it should, adding all these substances on your face will only cover the problem for a little while, but will not treat the issue. Good skin also comes from inside out, looking after your gut health and stress can also benefit your skin.



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