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What to expect after getting my brows tattooed?

Pic credi: Katarina Callegari Studio

Don't know exactly what's coming your way, or would like to plan ahead? If you've booked in to get your eyebrows tattooed or are thinking about getting them done you may be feeling nervous about the process. It's completely normal to have nerves about getting a cosmetic procedure done... Almost every day I have girls coming into my studio who are not only anxious about the procedure but nervous about how their brows are going to look afterward.

Any professional cosmetic tattooist will give you a good rundown of what to expect before the procedure, but if you're on the fence or feeling REALLY worried about what is going to happen with your brows, here are the top three things that I believe are worth knowing:  1- Your brows will look darker at the beginning.  No, you won't have black as night eyebrows forever... but you can expect the pigment to look darker after the session regardless of how light the pigment I've chosen for your tattoo, the colour will always look intense to start with. This colour will fade fairly quickly, so you won't have to wait long for the desired shade to show up.

How long does this take? You can expect your brows to be that darker shade for the first 2- 5 days. Which usually depends on your skin type/colour. It's quite similar to the darker effect you get after getting your eyebrows freshly tinted- Just give it a few days and it should clear up and be fine! 2- You cannot wet your brows for 7 super quick days.  It may seem like ages, but your beautiful brows will be worth it... Also, 7 days will fly by! I promise. Now, not getting your eyebrows wet doesn't mean that you have to go a week without showering but it does mean a week of keeping your face (and this usually means your hair too) from any form of saturation. Yes- this means you have an excuse to take a week off of from the gym... and no sun baking either!  I usually recommend that clients wash their hair the day before their appointment, to avoid getting your face wet while shampooing... BUT! Your brows are also an excellent excuse to go and visit the hairdresser for a blowout- Not only will you have fresh, water free eyebrows, but you'll also have amazing hair too! 3- Last but not least: Trust, Enjoy the process & Be Patient! While your brows will look amazing, they may not instantly look model worthy. This is because this is a semi-permanent make-up procedure! You skin will need time to heal and adjust to your new look. So it may take a bit of time, but with a bit of patience and following the instructions of your cosmetic tattooist, you'll have picture perfect brows in no time. If you'd like to know more about what happens to your brows post appointment, I've added this chart that I give all my clients after they have had their brows tattooed. This will give you more insight on what to expect after the procedure. 

Pic cred: Phibrows

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