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HD brow lovers, this one is for you! A super precise brow pencil, perfect to add definition to your powder look or to use on its own! The super firm spoolie is designed to grip and grab onto brow hairs and create a brushed-out look so you can zero in on all of those sparse patches.

The retractable tip makes ultra-detailed brows a breeze. As always, Skinny promises to treat your brows nice, containing vitamins E and C to nourish. Each of the three easy shades has been made to match your fave Full Brow Powder colours for the perfect pairing!

What is it?

  • Micro Tip Retractable Brow Pencil
  • Defined Finish

Features Include:

  • Extra firm spoolie for a brushed out look
  • Super-duper slim tip to create brush like strokes
  • Perfect super defined finish

Colour Options

  • Natural Brown: Suitable for those with medium skin tones and brunettes.
  • Dark:Suitable for deep skin tones with dark brown or black hair.

Brow Pencil - Skinny

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