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Green Juice Skin Rescue Balm Soothes, Restores and Protects your skin


SKIN JUICE Green Juice Skin Rescue Balm is a nutrient rich, conditioning balm that melts into the skin to help sooth, restore and protect. Imagine massaging the goodness of a super healthy green juice onto your face or body... this multi tasker is perfect for any skin in need of healing or some extra TLC. 

Who is Green Juice Skin Rescue Balm Suitable For?

  • Anyone over the age of 4 weeks old
  • Pregnancy and Breast Feeding Friendly
  • Nut Allergies 

Why we love Green Juice Skin Rescue Balm?

Can be used as a: 

  • Moisturiser Day and Night
  • Lip Balm
  • Soothing Balm for itchy bites or rashes
  • treats skin in need of healing
  • helps calm allergic reactions
  • relieve symptoms of eczema and dermatitis
  • all over moisture boost for anywhere on the body
  • Austalian Made and Owned,
  • Natural and Fresh

Hero Ingredients 

  • Shea Butter - helps calmirritation and inflamation while strengthening the skins barrier 
  • Coconut - Provides a protective barrier for the skin and aids in healing process
  • Alfalfa - an extracted form of chlorophyll from alfalfa aids the healing process while soothing redness and irritation
  • Cucumber - soothes the skin and provides the skin strengthening mineral

How do I use the Green Juice Skin Rescue Balm?

Anytime your skin is in need of healing and Hydration. Green Juice can also be used as your night product as the final step before bed. Warm a small amount in fingers and massage onto and area requiring protection and hydration.


Green Juice Skin Rescue

$15.00 Regular Price
$7.50Sale Price
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