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Beauty Model


Perth Cosmetic Tattooing & Beauty 

Katarina Callegari

Katarina Callegari 

Before I came to Australia I was living the 9-5 life as a banker in my home country of Brazil (I know so different from Beauty). While I was successful, I wasn’t passionate about my job. I had always been obsessed with doing brows before my career, I enjoyed the meticulousness that came with it but I also loved the confidence and beauty that I was able to deliver after.


When I came to Australia, I decided to change everything in my life, start from scratch, and do things that I love, and with that came focus full time on brows, and I haven’t looked back. It brings me so much joy to give people such a boost in how they feel, meet my beautiful clients, listen to their stories and share a bit of mine, this exchange is priceless! I finally feel that what I do, really matters to someone, this feeling is the most rewarding feeling I could ever ask for. It’s inspiring, it’s empowering and it’s s why I work hard everyday to be the best.

I am a certified PhiBrows artist, one the highest Microblading academy in the world, also I have certificates with the most reputed artist such as: Vesna Jugovic, Tamara Freitas, also attendance to yearly conventions to keep up with the latest products and technique.

My mission is always improve my skills, seeking the best techniques I can find to give my clients only the best. 

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