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Parking Options 

Katarina Callegari its located on number 1/300 Rokeby Road, we are on top floor, please go up on the stairs and find suite number 1.

The only access it's through the stairs, unfortunately it's no suitable for baby prams.

Please follow these guidelines to ensure your parking arrangements are correct, Katarina Callegari assumes no responsibility for incorrect parking arrangements that could result in a parking infringement.

Appointments up to 1 hour - You will find adequate FREE parking up to 1 hour on both sides of Rokeby Road.


Appointments between 1 and 2 hours - You will find adequate FREE parking up to 2 hours on majority of intersections from Rokeby road.


Appointments over 2 hours - The closest TICKET car park available it's Rowland Car Park, which is 500 meters away from the studio, a short 5 minute walk. All cosmetic tattooing appointments are required to park at Rowland.


If unsure how long your appointment will be, please refer to "Price List" the length for all appointments are listed, if still unsure, please contact me.

Subiaco it's a vibrant suburb surrounded by amazing businesses, parking at times can be quite busy, so please plan ahead to avoid turning up late for your appointment, also give yourself enough time to avoid "rushing" your therapist which can compromise the end result of your treatment.


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